International Agri-Commodities Trading House
Whole Red Lentils


As per NACMA Standards CSP – 7.2.3, Australian Lentils – Whole Red No. 1, Min. Export Standard Machine Dressed (Formerly CSP - 35)



Comments/ Variation

Physical Characteristics

The Lentils shall be hard and well filled


99% min. by weight

Whole Lentils, defective Lentils and seed coats


14% max


Defective Seeds

Container: 3% max by weight

Bulk ship: 5% max by weight

Lentils not of the specified variety. Lentil kernels that are broken, heat damaged, hail damaged, insect damaged, frosted, shrivelled, split, chipped, sprouted, affected by mould (field or storage). Includes pods that contain Lentils, whether broken or unbroken and loose seed coat.

Varietal Restriction

1% max by weight

Lentils not of the specified variety.

Poor colour

1% max by weight

Discoloured Lentils have excessive discolouration of the seed coat as per the Pulse Australia Lentil Photographic Charts. Includes disease, frost and water staining.

Screen size

Aldinga – 2.2mm slotted hole

All other varieties – 2 mm slotted hole

If whole lentils fall through then classed defective. All material that passes through screen is part of defective or foreign material as applicable.

Foreign Material

1% max by weight

Unmilliable material and all vegetable matter other than Lentil seed material.

Unmillable Material

0.1% max by weight

Soil, stones, metals and non-vegetable matter.

Field insects

One (1) max.

Dead per 200 g sample