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Mung Beans





Standard of Quality







10% max

12% max

14% max

Total Defects




Total Damaged

0.5% max

2% max

5% max

Clean Cut Weevil Bored

2% max

4% max

6% max

Foreign Material (Incl Stones)




Foreign Material (Stones)




Contrasting classes




Classes that blends




General Requrements

  • be the dried mature seeds of Pulse green gram (Phaseolus aurues Roxb. or phaseolus radiatus Roxb).
  • be sweet, clean, wholesome, uniform in size, shape, colour and in sound merchantable conditions
  • be free from living and dead insects, fungus infestation, added colouring matter, moulds, obnoxious smell, discolouration
  • be free from rodent hair and excreta
  • be free from toxic or noxious seeds viz. Crotolaria (Crotolaria spp.), Corn cockle (Agrostemma githago L.), Castor bean (Ricinus communis L.), Jimson weed (Dhatura spp.), Argemone mexicana, Khesari and other seeds that are commonly recognized as harmful to health
  • Uric acid and Aflatoxin shall not exceed  100 milligrams and 30 micrograms per kilogram respectively
  • In  foreign matter, the impurities of animal origin shall not be more than 0.10 per cent by weight.