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Black Gram





Standard of Quality







10% max

12% max

14% max

Total Defects




Total Damaged

0.5% max

2% max

5% max

Clean Cut Weevil Bored

2% max

4% max

6% max

Foreign Material (Incl Stones)




Foreign Material (Stones)




Contrasting classes




Classes that blends




Other Edible Grains

0.1% max

0.5% max

3% max

General Requrements

  • be the dried mature seeds of Pulse (Phaseolus mungo Linn.
  • be sweet, clean, wholesome, uniform in size, shape, colour and in sound merchantable conditions
  • be free from living and dead insects, fungus infestation, added colouring matter, moulds, obnoxious smell, discolouration
  • be free from rodent hair and excreta
  • be free from toxic or noxious seeds viz. Crotolaria (Crotolaria spp.), Corn cockle(Agrostemma githago L.), Castor bean (Ricinus communis L.), Jimson weed(Dhatura spp.), Argemone mexicana
  • Khesari and other seeds that are commonly recognized as harmful to health
  • Uric acid and Aflatoxin shall not exceed  100 milligrams and 30 micrograms per kilogram