International Agri-Commodities Trading House
Kabuli Chickpeas


CSP – 4.3.2, Australian Chickpeas (Kabuli) type Minimum Export Standard Machine Dressed



Comments/ Variation

Physical Characteristics

The Kabuli type chickpeas shall be sound, dry, fresh and cream to light brown in colour.


99.5% min. by weight

Whole kabuli type chickpeas, defective kabuli type chickpeas and seed coats.


14% max.


Defective Chickpeas

Container: 1% max by weight

including poor colour

Kabuli type chickpeas not of the specified variety and kabuli type chickpeas kernel that are broken, split, insect damaged, hail damaged, heat damaged, shrivelled, sprouted, frosted, and / or affected by mould (field or storage). Includes whole pods containing seed.

Screen Size

6.00 mm round table

Chickpea material defective if falls through.

Poor Colour

1% max by weight

Kabuli type chickpeas whose seed coat orkernel is distinctly off colour from the characteristic colour of the predominating class. Includes Ascochyta lesions.

1% max by weight

1% max by weight

Visible Ascochyta means that an ascochyta lesion is visible on the kernel. Classifiers are required to break the seed coat if they are not confident that the lesion has penetrated to the seed.

Foreign Material

0.5% max by weight

Unmilliable material and all vegetable matter other than kabuli type chickpeas seed material.

Unmillable Material

0.1% max by weight

Soil, stones, metals and non-vegetable matter.

Field Insects

One (1) max.

Dead per 200 g sample

Foreign Seeds



Objectionable material

Nil Tolerance